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Company policy

RS-Steel s.r.o. is committed to the further development of the organization, continuous improvement of the level of quality of products and services to comprehensively satisfy the expected and anticipated needs of customers and meeting the requirements of legal regulations.

Management accepts responsibility for environmental protection in connection with its business activities. It recognizes the need to improve environmental management as one of the company’s top priorities.

To strengthen environmental protection, the company’s management has decided to control and minimize the possible risks of pollution of any component of the environment by implementing an integrated system according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Environmental protection and creating safe working conditions for its employees./

To meet them, the management of RS-Steel s.r.o. following principles:

Contribute to the continuous improvement of the integrated system according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the prevention of environmental pollution.
Comply with legal and other requirements.
Satisfy customer requirements within production.
Through education, spread awareness among employees about environmental protection and get them to cooperate more closely.
Strive to prevent the occurrence of emergency situations and, if they occur, proceed according to emergency plans, ensuring the reduction of negative effects on the environment.
Assess the environmental impacts of technology change before it is introduced.
Machinery, equipment as well as the entire infrastructure are managed in such a way that they are always aimed at minimizing the risk of environmental pollution. We achieve this primarily by modernizing technical equipment and applying sufficient measures, regular maintenance and inspections, increasing the expertise of employees, as a cornerstone to ensure pollution prevention and an active approach to environmental protection.
When selecting new suppliers, we evaluate their approach to environmental protection, or we try to influence existing suppliers so that they are also environmentally friendly.
As part of the process of improving the integrated system, strive to minimize the negative impacts of our own activities, products and services on the environment.
Emphasize the prevention of non-conformities in production, and possible negative impacts on the environment.
Strengthen open access and dialogue with employees, the public and other stakeholders by receiving and responding to suggestions.

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Tomáš Nožička
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